Director’s Revenge Against The Villain !

Ace Director Sreenu Vaitla is known for the funny one-liners in films. He has a knack of taking digs at celebrities who irk him during shootings.

It has been quite evident in his films where we have seen characters like Fire Star in Dubai Seenu and Music Director Jaya Surya in King movies respectively. These characters were directed at popular celebrities of Tollywood.


And now, Sreenu Vaitla seems to have decided to take his ‘Revenge style’ to the next level.

Supposedly, Prakash Raj bothered Sreenu Vaitla to such an extent that the latter kicked out the former from his latest film ‘Aagadu’. In addition to that, a case was filed against Prakash Raj in Directors’ Association to ban the actor permanently from the Telugu film industry.

While addressing the media regarding this issue, Prakash Raj said, “There is only one person behind all this. Generally, no one has a problem with me but this guy does.”


Although Prakash Raj did not mention the name of that ‘Guy’, we are sure it is Sreenu Vaitla,given the ongoing tussle between them.

It therefore remains to be seen where this storm is taken to and how Sreenu Vaitla takes his revenge by incorporationg characters in his movies.

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