Director’s Cut – K Vishwanath’s Top 5 Movies


He is a legend – Director, Screenwriter, Actor and a complete epitome of Telugu Film Industry who has presented the true essence of class in all his movies. Intense stories, meaningful portrayals, strong women, social subjects with depth – all these were neatly packaged and presented under his direction and story. Perhaps, K Vishwanath has set his own niche in film making in the industry that no one can take over. That explains why only one of his films could make it to the Oscars for nominations in 1986, when the competition was so high and the expectations so stringent.

Blending commercial element with content is one of his prime strengths, connecting the audience with his characters for decades. A presenter of Classical Arts, music and dance have always been core ingredients in both his stories and the final output.

Chitramala takes a look at Top 5 films of this Award winning director, who has given us some priceless renditions.

5. Subha Sankalpam


A touching story produced by singer S P Balasubramanyam, the film starred Kamal Hassan, Aamani and Priya Raman in the lead roles. This was also a debut for K Vishwanath as an actor. The film fetched a lot of critical acclaim, both for the performances as well as music. Vishwanath won Filmfare Best Director 1995 for this movie, his 11 th trophy.

4. Sirivennela


Definitely one of his best films to be remembered, Sirivennela is a sensitive story of a blind flutist and a mute painter, who fall in love with each other over the love of music and their individual setbacks. Sarvadaman Banerjee and Suhasini Maniratnam played these key roles that held the movie high. Sirivennela had some amazing musical compositions that are revered and heard even today. The film fetched Nandi Awards in the departments of lyrics, singing, cinematography and acting.

3. Shruti Layalu


A complete movie on Indian Classical Music, Shruti Layalu gained a lot of rave acclaim in South when it was released in 1987. Rajasekhar and Sumalatha played the central characters whose life was all about music. The film went on to become one of the landmark films, making it a Tollywood classic. K Vishwanath was honored with Golden Nandi for Best film and Nandi & Filmfare for Best Director

2. Saagara Sangamam


Stated to be of the best films ever made in the history of Telugu Industry, Saagara Sangamam set a cult status of its own. The film was a major success both commercially and critically, leaving the viewers astounded with mind blowing performances and a touching tale. The movie starring Kamal Hassan and Jaya Prada showcased a man’s love for dance, his affection with a woman friend, a dance patron, who becomes a core personality of his life. Both Kamal and Jaya played their roles to the best, making it one of the finest performances in their individual careers. The music of the film is still surreal and a classic.

One again, Vishwanath walked away with Filmfare Best Director for the film which was a massive hit in 1983.

1. Swati Mutyam


The only Telugu film that ever went for an Aacdemy Award nomination for Best foreign film, Swati Mutyam stands to be the topmost film ever made by Vishwanath. The film that talks about social norms prevailing in the society made the audience think about what happens when a single man attempts to change it.

Kamal Hassan played a powerful role as a autistic person who defies these norms and traditions for a good cause, by marrying a widow. Radhika played the female lead that had depth and intensity. The movie was a revolution in itself, gaining commercial acclaim with a strong social subject.

The legendary director was honored with a Golden Nandi for Best Film and a Filmfare Award for Best Director.


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