Director Vikram Kumar Gets Engaged To AR Rahman’s Sound Engineer

Successful and sensational filmmaker Vikram Kumar, who attained ‘stardom’ with the films like like Manam and 24, has reportedly gets hitched. The director who has made a name for himself in South film industry has finally getting married soon. Apparently this would be a love marriage. The reports from Chennai reveals us that the director is going to marry Srinidhi Venkatesh, a sound engineer who works with the Oscar Award winner AR Rahman. Vikram Kumar and Srinidhi were in a relationship for some time and finally they got the approval from both the families for the marriage. Today they got engaged and soon their wedding will take place.

Vikram Kumar and Srinidhi
Vikram Kumar and Srinidhi

It was reportedly a love cum arranged marriage and the duo fell in love when Vikram was working with Rahman for 24 movie. While working for re-recording and songs, Vikram Kumar who landed himself at AR Rahman’s studio met Srinidhi and developed a friendship which turned into love later and is going forward for the marriage. The wedding is expected to take place in the month of September.

Srinidhi worked as a sound engineer for the movies like Ravan (Villain in Telugu, Rockstar and 24.

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