Director Teja & Puri scolding each other

Tollywood is facing the heat from the Story writers for copy rights. Today director Srinivas Reddy who directed movies like Poramboku and Ninu Choodaka Nenundalenu who sat for fast unto death since this morning at Writers’ Association building. He alleges that Puri Jagananth stole his story during the making of Bumper Offer.he now demands that he be paid 20 to 25 lakhs as compensation. He alleges that Puri is refusing to give him the required amount.

Today Teja lent his support for Srinivas Reddy and he too asked Puri to pay the compensation. After this incident, there both the directors are said to have been at loggerheads and used foul language against each other though not in front of each other. Well that is what the sources say, but not confirmed by either of the directors.


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