Director Teja and Chadalawada’s fight over house

Today there was another fight in the Telugu film industry. Director Teja who owns a house in Road number 45 near Balakrishna’s house claimed that Chadalavada Srinivas Rao is trying to take his valued at around 9 crores house by force. He said that he never sold the house to anyone.

However Chadalavada has a different story to offer. He claims that he has documents to prove that Teja sold the house to him around 4 months back.

Chadalavada reminded that around 4 months back, he removed the air-conditioners and other things from the house since he is the new owner. "If he didn’t sell the house to me then why didn’t he complain when I was removing his air-conditioners and other things from his house. Now he claims that he didn’t sell the house." he claimed.

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