Director send Nude Pics of Hero’s Wife ?

In Todays life every thing is as easy as head ach, All are ready to use internet mailing and other uses for greating and messaging the people. Some times it becomes very serious for the common and celebrities lifes, and it is also tend to create trouble that could lead to fatal results. Something like that is said to have given a close scare to one of the noted directors in the film industry.

The grapevine is that many ladies of the film industry including some heroines and former actresses started getting mails containing nude photos from a director’s email id. In no time, the thing got a bit heated up and a hero’s wife is said to have called up the director regarding this. She is a family friend to the director and hence she smelled someone might be misusing his id.

It is then that the director got panic and confirmed that his password got hacked and someone else has been misusing his id. So he immediately changed the password and has been taking calls and giving his set of explanations as required. Sources reveal that it has been a month since this incident happened.

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