Director Selva Raghavan makes heroine cry

Tamil star director Selva Raghavan is also a noted name in Telugu Cinema. His films like “7/G Brindavan Colony” and Venkatesh starrer “Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule” have become a huge success here. While most of his films collected a bad result in recent times from the audience and many stated that the bad time is getting worse of Selva.

Selva Raghavan
Selva Raghavan

In the recent time, his bad luck had become worse that Simbu starrer “Kaan” had to be started a very long back, but could even shoot a single scene due to financial troubles.

Now, another controversy has wrapped around this Tamil director. This time, he has been talked of making a debut heroine cry on the sets of a new film. Selva’s wife Geethanjali Selva directorial debut “Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam” has completed its shooting and is on the verge of its release.

While filming this movie, Selva took up the responsibility of directing few tough scenes in the movie. While shooting, Selva all of a sudden started shouting at heroine Wamiqa Gabbi. Since Wamiqa Gabbi is a new heroine, scenes were explained to her clearly and practiced well, even though she couldn’t manage to act well. This, made Selva lose his patience and showed his anger over her in front of the crew.

Feeling insulted by Selva’s acts, Punjabi actress Wamiqa Gabbi left the shooting spot with tears. For two days, she didn’t attend the shooting. It was her father who finally convinced her of re-shooting and brought her to the shooting spot.

That how Selva Raghavan’s anger made a heroine cry.

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