Director Ravi Babu another RGV?

Many know that Ravi Babu, who first entered Tollywood to become an actor was not so lucky with roles and films. However, Ravi did not give up on that and switched to direction. He proved himself as one of the promising directors of the future with his film ‘Avunu’. Now, many in the inner circles state that Ravi Babu has typical dmeanor, like that of Ram Gopal Verma – he has this ability to influence others with his thinking, mannerisms, body language and style. That’s a great deal to influence people with, given that very few directors pull off this ability. RGV has been a mentor and a role model for many young directors and looks like Ravi will follow the same path of inspiring people with his unabashed and practical viewpoints, especially in film making. Ravi Babu is soon planning a new project and we are super confident that this one would be more thrilling than the last.

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