Director Rajamouli Says No Smoking!

After directing over ten films and every film turning out to become a blockbuster, S.S.Rajamouli has become a hero rather than a director. With as many as a million fans following in the social networking sites, Rajamouli has turned himself as a public figure way long back.

S.S.Rajamouli urges to Fight Smoking
S.S.Rajamouli urges to Fight Smoking

As part of this, he made few social awareness and political campaign for a better society. Now an addition to this he took up a new responsibility of an awareness programme regarding Fight Smoking.

Be the Hero of You Life, urged Rajamouli as the part of Fight Smoking public awareness initiate of American Oncology Institute. This campaign seeks to find heroes among the smokers who stop smoking and help others in quitting the habit of smoking.

As the part of this initiative, Rajamouli selfie booths will be placed across Hyderabad, where smokers who want to quit or have already quit can take a selfie with this ace director.

Rajamouli posted this video in his Twitter:

As part of the pledge, Rajamouli announced that he will spread the positive message extensively across his social media where he has a huge fan base. Anyways, not restricting the message of Smoking is injurious to health only to films; Rajamouli’s awareness campaign shall be admired.

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