Director Rajamouli’s explanation to NRIs

About Online Piracy about Eega film,director SS Rajamouli was recently requested NRIs not to download pirated movies. He also said that "If they support piracy an action will be initiated on them and they may lose their Green Card".

This controversial statement on ‘Greencard’ makes NRI Telugus angry and the NRIs sent hate messages for SS Rajamouli’s ‘arrogant warning’.

Now Rajamouli responded on that controversial statement and he has given the explanation to the NRIs through his Twitter page.

He Posted on Twitter "I saw some angry outbursts on my comments regarding illegal content downloaders, somehow my video was interpreted as an "arrogant warning to all NRI’s." I apologise if I sounded like that. It was an anguished warning “only for serious/serial offenders.”

Some of the comments were misunderstood, some of them plain stupid and few justified. Here’s my expanded version for the misunderstood and justified. Stupids are best ignored.

First, whatever I mentioned about antipiracy is not just about Eega but for any film.

Second, the action taken is not by me but the AP Film Chamber appointed ANTI VIDEO PIRACY CELL.

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