Director proposes to actress Pooja – on stage!!

What would otherwise have been just an uneventful function otherwise, captured the attention of the media when during the audio launch of the movie Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi, the director of the movie, Raj, proposed to actress Pooja Umashanker of Naan Kadavul fame- on stage!


Don’t get too excited now, it wasn’t an over the top declaration of love that the media was conveniently there to witness, no. It was more of a half humorous retort to something the actress herself said during her speech at the dais.

Apparently both Raj and Pooja have known each other since college, and almost sixteen years ago, during an inter college event, Raj had professed his love to the lovely young diva. But since her father was ‘strict’, as she put it, she rejected him outright. However, both of them eventually started maintaining a good friendship which has lasted all this time.

It was this story that Pooja shared with the press and the fans while on stage, and surely, Raj felt a reply was in order. So when he got his turn at the dais, he took the chance to ‘re propose’ to the gorgeous starlet and added “I’m still waiting for your reply.”

Pooja responded with a laugh and a kidding hand gesture of a slap, implying the answer was still a definite ‘no’.

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi is an action thriller that stars Raj Zacharias who is also the producer of the film, along with Sethu, Abhshek and Swetha Vijay. Pooja does an important cameo in the movie.

The music of the flick has been scored by Rahul Raj and the film is being produced under the banner of Celebs and Red Carpet Company.

The release date of the movie has not been set yet.

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