Director Maruthi Faces A Funny Situation

It’s quite common these days that people use the social media to convey their problems to respective customer care handles. The companies are also coming up with strong teams who address them instantly and give a solution for them.

Director Maruthi
Director Maruthi

Now, a person who got a Maruthi car encountered an issue with it and has took to Twitter to let the officials know. Thinking our director Maruthi to be a representative for the company, he posed his problem by tagging the director.

Immediately, Maruthi replied him saying, that he has no association with the company.

Director Maruthi wrote, “Dear Sir :) I am film director Maruthi, no where concern with @maruti_swift ,hope your complaint reach the right people. Thank you…… Happy New year :)”

This opened to a lot of funny responses on Twitter and Maruthi seemed to have a great time reading all of them.

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