Director lip lock with hot heroine

The latest news buzz is the photograph in which kannada actress Amoolya (or Amulya) alleged kissing with her director Ratnaja. This incedent said to happened while shooting of the kannada film ‘Premism’ last month in Belgaum.

According to a kannada news channel, a person sent this picture to them and promised to provide them with more such pictures if he was given ‘suitable’ payment.

The Kannada film industry is all agog after a photo showing director Ratnaja allegedly kissing teenage actress Amulya appeared in its midst. Ratnaja says a man who identified himself as Vijaya Krishna tried to blackmail him with the photo. The director says he received a call on May 14, at 1 pm, with a demand for money. “He asked me for my email ID. I did not respond to him. I warned him that if he called again I would file a police complaint. He called once more and I told my advocate,” Ratnaja said.

Vijaya Krishna allegedly did not respond to the advocate’s calls and text messages. “Two days ago, my associate called to say that a photo was doing the rounds. I did not complain earlier because the actress would also be put to trouble for the act of some pervert,” Ratnaja told Bangalore. Some say the photos were found on a mobile phone purchased in a second-hand market. The mobile phone is said to be Ratnaja’s, which he had lost during the shooting of the film Premism in Mysore. Amulya played the female lead in this film, released earlier this year. Another story doing the rounds is that a producer is bailing out Ratnaja by buying out all the pics and the footage.

Though the single photograph that is out in the open shows two people, whose resemblance to Amulya and Ratnaja is unmistakable, just kissing on the lips, the other pics are said to be of the actress in the nude. The video is alleged to be of the two having sex. Ratnaja was engaged to be married last November to the sister-in-law of a well-known film editor.

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