Director Gunasekhar hurts fans of Baahubali

The magnum opus Baahubali-2 has shown its grandeur, and all the celebrities are heaping praises on the movie. A famous Telugu director has now landed in trouble despite applauding the movie.

Gunasekhar about Baahubali
Gunasekhar about Baahubali

The maker Gunasekhar who scored a decent hit with historical drama like Rudramadevi has added into the list of Baahubali admirers. He has written a congratulations note to Keeravani with his own writing. The very next day, he took his Facebook to appreciate the director Rajamouli for his outstanding direction and vision. Guna said that Rajamouli has taken the Telugu cinema to another level and he made a wonder out of a simple story like Baahubali. This has invited an unwanted controversy among the fans of Prabhas, Rajamouli. They ask Guna that how can someone in a place of a director can say Baahubali as a simple story. The fact that he never mentioned the name of Prabhas is adding more fuel to the flame.

Any person in this nation of India has the freedom to express their feelings but they have to check twice whether their comments are controversial or normal.

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