Dino-Nandita on pre-honeymoon!

So what if Dino Morea’s relationship with girlfriend Nandita Mahtani oscillates often? You can’t hurry love. Especially when the couple has decided to take their love to newer destinations.

Dino and Nandita have taken off on a long pre-honeymoon trip of sorts to Greece, England and Spain. They are not planning to return till July 17. What better way to escape the onslaught (we hope) of monsoons in Mumbai?

Dino was once dating Lara Dutta, who is now in a steady relationship with Mahesh Bhupathi. And Dino has been in a steady relationship with Nandita ever since he broke up with Lara Dutta last year. Dino has now found true love in Nandita and the two are planning to tie the knot early next year. And the recent planned holiday would hopefully make the bond even stronger.

Explaining what changed an otherwise shy and reticent Dino, our source said, “Dino never spoke about Lara since she was previously involved with his best friend Kelly Dorje. But Dino is now quite relaxed talking about Nandita to his friends and family. The two were waiting until Nandita’s brother Bharat got married. Now that Bharat has tied the knot, they have made their relationship public.”

A source close to Dino said, “Dino has no work in England or Spain. It’s a complete pleasure trip. Dino and Nandita have ample private space on this trip.” Apparently, Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia are accompanying the couple.

Currently, Dino and Nandita are in Greece. They will proceed to Spain after a week. And England would be the last stop of this romantic holiday. Despite repeated calls and text messages, none of them were available for comment. We’ll let the lovebirds be.

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