Dill Raju had tears in eyes watching this film!

Dil Raju Tears

Trikoti, the director who came into limelight with “Dikkulu Choodaku Ramayya” is now the one who is in immense pressure. Censor board mentioned that this flick is a risky attempt by this film maker. He too stated that he was a bit tensed about the results and he expressed confidence that the content of the flick will hit the hearts of the audience.

Speaking on this flick, Trikoti stated that Dill Raju had tears in his eyes soon after watching this flick. He mentioned it as a success as the required emotion went straight into the heart of the viewer. With this, half of the tension for Trikoti has been relieved.

The remaining half is in the hands of the audience. This film is being viewed by the critics and we can have the update in the next few minutes. Stay tuned to see the latest review of this venture in Chitramala.

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