Dileep in Punjabi House 2 – confirmed!

Punjabi House was a landmark comedy movie by any standards and it certainly marked a milestone in Dileep’s career. Who can forget the iconic comedy scenes in the movie which was a consistent laugh riot? It’s one of those flick the television channels still feel comfortable with using as high value entertainment filler, even though it’s been a decade and a half since its release.


Director/Writer Rafi and Mecartin, the duo behind it and other comedic blockbusters, parted ways later leaving the fans disappointed. But guess what, now they’re back together and the project on their minds is none other than a sequel to Punjabi House 2!

This is not just an industry rumour, folks. Rafi himself has confirmed it and he has also responded to the question that’s been nagging everyone – will Dileep reprise his role in the sequel?

The answer’s yes! He will!

It has not been announced if the rest of the cast from the first movie will come back to the fictional house of Sardars in Kerala. There are of course, tragic losses involved here – Cochin Haneefa and Thilakan.

Rafi said it will be hard to find anyone who can replace Haneefa in particular. The fans would remember, it was the comedic genius and ridiculously witty banter between Haneefa and Harisree Ashokan that filled much of the highlight roll of the first film.

In any case, with much of the questions left unanswered, the directors have signed off for now. However, they mentioned one thing – the movie will not take off till the next year.

So looks like it’s going to be a long wait, fans.

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