Dileep to Marry Kavya?!

Well, that’s the news that has gone viral in the social media! And that too with an actual date of ceremony – June 25th!

The popular hero Dileep and actress Kavya Madhavan have been the subject of gossip and innuendos for quite some time now. The chemistry they have onscreen which led to multiple hits and over 25 films altogether, combined with the breakup of their respective marriages added fuel to the fire.


In fact, it was alleged over and over again in tabloids that Kavya was the reason for the divorce between Dileep and Manju Warrier, and maybe Kavya had such motives for separating from her husband too after a short marriage of just one year.

The couple – Dileep in particular – have always slammed these rumors down and now with the mother of all gossips spreading like wildfire, Kavya’s father has come to the frontline defending his family’s rights and privacy.

“My daughter’s marriage plans, if any, will be decided by us – her parents- and loved ones, not by the media,” said the indignant parent.

It has been reported that the rumor originated in Dileep’s fake Facebook fan page and is baseless; though in this day and age when there is no smoke without at least a flame someplace, we might just have to wait and see what the future might hold for the supposed couple.

Neither of them have officially spoken to the media about this piece of ‘news’.

Dileep, by his own account, wants to live with his daughter’s happiness in mind, especially given that she has chosen to stay by him since the divorce. Manju also seems to be recovering from the high profile separation with her comeback movie, How Old Are You, releasing this 23rd.

Her comeback to acting was the main reason for the marriage reaching the end it did after 14 years together, according to Dileep.

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