Dileep and Manju Warrier agree on divorce terms!!

There it is, folks – finally a sign that things might turn out for the best in the end after all. Well, relatively speaking of course.. we’re still talking about the ending of a marriage here. Sigh.


But Dileep and Manju Warrier have been gearing up for the big battle in front of a judge for weeks now, with the entire fan community waiting with bated breath to see what happens.

Dileep was the one who filed the petition for divorce in the beginning of June, after a year of seperation, and he was the one who set the tone for things to come, so to speak, when he alleged that Manju had been subjecting him to emotional abuse for years. He also filed caveat petitions in two other courts so that Manju couldn’t make any legal moves against him.

Now, Manju had taken a different approach entirely, some would call it even dignified and the overwhelming majority of the public support, as a result, was with her through all of this and continues to be.

The biggest gesture from her part that pretty much stunned everyone and raised a lot of questions was when she decided to return the joint property she owned over to Dileep without a protest- assets worth over Rs 80 crores!

However, this seems to have expedited matters somehow or pacified Dileep to the point that now the couple have agreed to a divorce by mutual consent to avoid further legal hassles. They did not show up for the first hearing in their otherwise adversarial divorce proceedings, which was set for today.

This hearing has been postponed to August 16th and the court has granted them six months to consider their options now that they have decided to cooperate with each other regarding the terms of the dissolution of marriage.

The couple have one daughter, Meenakshi, who has stayed with Dileep since the separation by choice.

Well, at least both parties may now move on with their lives and make things easier for each other.

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