Dileep files for divorce!

Well, all one can say is that it has been coming for a while and nobody is surprised – actor Dileep has filed for divorce from his wife Manju Warrier formally in the Family Court. But what has surprised many is that the ‘popular hero’ has petitioned for a closed and confidential hearing in the case, banning all media presence!


This also goes with the other shocking twist in the saga, according to which he claims that he has been suffering emotional and mental abuse at the hands of Manju, who is currently the golden girl of Mollywood with her hit comeback film How Old Are You!

Dileep had prior to this openly admitted to the media that it was Manju’s decision to re enter the movie world and acting that had led to their separation, which happened over a year ago.

He also had quite simply ‘confessed’, in a manner of speaking, of trying underhanded tricks like speaking to the director of Manju’s supposed comeback movie then, in order to persuade him to not make the film with her as the star.

These admissions, along with the public’s (especially women’s) sympathy and admiration for Manju as a woman tied down by her husband and for her tremendous and captivating acting skills, got the actor a lot of hate – the gossip surrounding his alleged relationship with actress Kavya Madhavan, who has been before and since portrayed as the ‘other woman’ in this scenario, didn’t help matters any.

Now that Manju has made her return to the big screen and that too with a bang, the time seemed ripe perhaps, for the actor to make his move and dissolve the troubled marriage permanently.

The major fact to be noticed in this case, however, is that the daughter of the couple – Meenakshi – has stuck by her father through all of this. Something that speaks volumes to many…

In any case, the case is to be heard in the court on July 23, according to reports. It will have to be seen how ‘confidential’ the proceedings are and if it will involve smear campaigns or ugly divorce tactics by either parties.

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