Dileep Angry Over Fake Marriage News!

It was a couple of days ago that the news about popular hero Dileep allegedly marrying actress Kavya Madhavan spread like wildfire over the social media – and it took Kavya’s parents coming forward to make a public statement vehemently denying the baseless rumor to put the issue of the news’ validity to rest in people’s minds.

dileep 1

But it seems Dileep is not ready to let this go without a fight and wants to see the people involved brought to justice for attacking his privacy and the sanctity of his family life, and that of Kavya’s.

He has filed a case with the cyber cell to investigate the incident and root out the mischief makers or rather the callous troublemakers who caused this grief. Apparently, the news started off from Dileep’s twitter handle and thus gained enough authenticity to spread across social networking sites between excited but misguided fans and followers of the popular duo. Only one problem – Dileep does not have a twitter account!

Yes, it looks like the fake account has been used as a convenient tool to malign the actor’s reputation and/or create a sensational piece of gossip.

Actress Mamtha Mohandas, who made a comeback in to the industry recently after surviving her second stint with cancer, expressed her support for Dileep and said she is amazed why the media has chosen to target him for such personal attacks given that she herself knew him to be a genuine and warm human being, from their work together.
Dileep and Kavya have acted in over 25 flicks together and have one of the most unique and well appreciated on screen chemistries of any pairs in the industry. The rumors and innuendos regarding them have been the fodder for the tabloid press for quite some time, though both actors have always slammed such stories down.

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