Dil Raju Reacts on Samantha’s Comment

Dil Raju is all set to produce the remake of 96 with Sharwanand and Samantha. Before the project was announced, there seem to be a clash of opinion about the film between Sam and the producer.

Dil Raju and Samantha
Dil Raju and Samantha

Soon after watching the movie 96, and even before there was a plan to remake the film 96 in Telugu, the actress Samantha has made a comment that the film should not be remade. Now, she is acting in the remake as the heroine.

In a recent press meet, the remake producer Dil Raju opened up on the same saying that Samantha commented about it even before they considered doing a remake. He said that he took a lot of care in the script work. Dil Raju revealed that he approached the original director and discussed a lot of things in the script.

He is producing a remake project for the first time in his career and is confident of making it a big hit.

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