Did Anushka’s secret love-affair finally break-up?

Anushka Secret love affair breakup
Anushka’s Secret Love Affair

No matter how secretive an actor tries to keep their personal life away from the professional side, it is impossible to segregate the two. Anushka, who is known for her simplicity and spirituality, has until now stayed away from gossip-oriented columnists but has made the cut recently due to various speculations about her relationships.

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Anushka has always been low key about her personal life except for once when she mentioned that she has been in love with someone for a long time during Vedam. However, recently, Anushka stated that marriage is not on the table and that she is not sure whether love or arranged marriage is on the cards. The distinct difference between the two statements is creating a buzz around the tinsel town that Anushka and her secret lover might have faced a break-up.

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Whether this holds true or not hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Anushka has surely caught the gossip mongers attention!

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