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Producers and heroes always try to release their films in a good season to enjoy additional holidays. As this is Sankranthi season, one of the biggest festival season, four films are releasing this season. Already, NTR starrer Nannaku Prematho released with positive reviews and today Dictator, starring Nandamuri Bala Krishna, Anjali and Sonal Chauhan, directed by Sriwass of Loukyam fame, produced under his home banner Vedashwa Creations in association with Eros International. Lets see how it works on us.

Anjali and Balakrishna in Dictator
Anjali and Balakrishna in Dictator


Chandu alias Chandrasekhar Dharma (Balakrishna) works in Dharma Supermarket. He accidentally meets Indu (Sonal Chauhan) in supermarket. Goons of a minister is in search of Indu’s brother(Rajeev Kanakala) who is the eye witness of the murder of a strict police officer. Indu aspires to become heroine as her mother wished it as her last. Goons kidnap Indu to know about whereabouts of her brother. Chandu feels sorry about it very much and tries to save her in a non-violent way, but things turn up in a violent way which reveals truths about Chandrasekhar Dharma alias Chandu and his connection with goons. Who is Chandu?? What is his back story?? Forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Balakrishna as Chandu looks odd. It is not a character of his age but he pulls it with ease. He worked very hard to look young on screen. But as Chadrasekhar Dharma, he is just fantastic. He looks very handsome as Chadrasekar Dharma and carries the whole movie on his shoulders. Sonal Chauhan is ok in her limited role. She oozes glamour on screen. Anjali is perfect for her role and is best selection. She looks good and perform her part well. Veteran actress Rathi Agnihotri is super fantastic in her role. She is delight to watch on screen for her acting. Suman is good as elder brother of Balakrishna. Posani again does his part with so much ease. 30 years Prudhvi and Shakalaka Shankar, Hema are successful to certain extent in generating comedy. Aksha is good. Nasser, Shiyaji Shinde, Kabir Khan and other performed to their given extent.

Dictator Movie Photos
Dictator Movie Photos

Writing Department

Basic story line is very routine for this Dictator. Kona Venkat and Gopimohan tried well to not repeat the traces of their movies but failed. Dialogues by Ratnam are good and works very well among Balayya and Nandamuri fans. Screenplay is in a formula way and every scene seems to be done with calualtion in attracting mass audience.

Technical Departments

Music by S S Thaman is average. None of the song works on screen except one or two. Background score by Chinna is pefect and has created required essence. Cinematography by Syam K Naidu is excellent. He did magic again with Dicatator and shows the movie with rich visuals. Editing by Gautham Raju is good. Art Department is nice. Fights composed are of Balayya caliber and works well. Production Values are rich and good.




Bollywood Actress Rati Agnihotri


Routine story and screenplay

Routine Comedy



First half starts with a violent act of goons. It is filled with routine same comedy and nothing of the story is revealed in this half. In ends with a Balayya calibre fight and creates the necessary curiosity among the audience. Second half begins with revealing the back story of Chandrasekhar Dharma. Pure mass film begins in this half and is a treat for Balayya and mass audience. To sum up, its a delight and feast for Balayya and Nandamuri fans.

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