Dhruva Movie Piracy in Youtube

Makers of Ram Charan’s latest release ‘Dhruva’ were in jitters soon after realizing that the film was leaked on youtube.

On Sunday evening, a piracy print of Dhruva surfaced on youtube. The miscreants behind this callous act are unknown yet, but the makers acted quickly and removed the piracy version from youtube with the help of the anti-piracy team.

Dhruva Review
Dhruva Review

The film, on the other hand, is doing exceptional business across the Telugus states. The film has raked in Rs 22.5 Cr worldwide share in the first two days itself and is marching ahead with great collections especially in A centers.

Coming to overseas, Dhruva has already become the highest grossing Charan starrer in just two days with over $800K collections. The action thriller is expected to enter the coveted 1 million club shortly.

The film, however, will have to collect at least Rs 55 Cr share to be called a safe venture.

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