Dhoom 3 Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Have you ever failed to pay your loans back to your banks? Are you scared that you might become a defaulter for not paying interest? Do not worry. Aamir Khan will teach you how to overcome that fear and take a vengeance on your bank. It’s a simple 3- step process

Step 1: Buy a BMW bike (it’s expensive but you can apply for a loan and again follow the same steps to evade paying them)

Step 2:  Raise your eyebrows and make a pig mouth, to show the ’intensity’ (Tip: the nearer the upper lip gets to the nose, the better)

Step3: Vrooooom!!!

Repeat Step 2 and 3 for all the branches of that bank in your city!

That’s it! your job is done. Thanks to the writer-actor Vijaya Krishna Acharya on thinking of such a ridiculous plot which is perfectly married to some farcical stunts. That’s Dhoom3 in short.

Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) is a magician who runs ‘The Great Indian Circus’ in Chicago. He fails to pay the bank bills of ‘Western Bank of Chicago’. He gets a last chance to impress the bankers, but it goes in vain. The bankers decide to auction that place and Iqbal commits a suicide. Iqbal’s son Sahir (Aamir) sets the mission for his life to destroy all the branches of WBC. Meanwhile, the topnotch cum talented cum fearless cum extra-intelligent cop duo of India – Jai Dixit and Ali come to Chicago to solve it, because the robber leaves the clues always in Hindi. (Language problem you see). Sahil’s success-rate of robbery is 100%, and there is secret behind this. What is that secret, and how the perspicacious police Mr. Jai coverts that secret into a weakness and solves the case is the rest of the movie.

Dhoom-3 is that ambitious project, where the makers assume that just by roping in Aamir Khan, and carrying out some complex action sequences and the audience will love it. These should be considered only as an icing on a cake, but not the cake itself.  Dhoom 3 does have its moments, 3 scenes in specific. Those three scenes are definitely clap-and-whistle worthy. The rest is all a lengthy, flat and uninteresting tale.

Amir’s performance is an asset. But at the same time, it’s very mediocre considering his capabilities.  In 50% of the scenes, he’s either doing a step-2 which is mentioned in the beginning of the review. In 40% of the scenes, he tries to do a mix of Koi Mil Gaya’ Rohit and MNIK’s Rizwan. In the remaining 10%, we will be seeing love trying to get ignited between a matchstick and an incense stick. Yeah the pairing of Aamir-Katrina is so inappropriate. Katrina is restricted mostly to songs, and her first song starts as an aerobics audition but turns into a strip-tease.  Abhishek was Ok, and Uday Chopra should be appreciated for the consistency in giving irritable performance.

The bike ‘vrooms’ but the movie ‘dooms’!



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