Dharnas in front of Rabhasa producer’s house!


“Rabhasa” producer is now facing tough time from Manchu Lakshmi’s people. As per the reports, “Rabhasa” film maker Suresh booked “Oo Kodathara Ulliki Padathara” film set for “Rabhasa”. It is known that this set belongs to Manchu Family and the film is giving this set for rent to the film units.

Suresh initially agreed to give 58 lakhs for the shooting in this set but he finally turned down the amount soon after the shooting. Buzz raised in the media that Suresh ignored or delayed the payment due to series of investments in the films. People who worked for this set are now taking this seriously.

They did Dharnas in front of Suresh’s house and the situation turned critical at one point of time. Police force entered the arena and shattered the angry mob. They stated that they won’t allow producer to release the flick until he settles the money.

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