Dharma Productions’ Sex Comedy

Known to make Family Dramas, Romantic Comedies and Light-hearted movies, Team Karan Johar and Dharma Productions are all set to venture into the Sex Comedy genre. That’s right!


The Gippi Director, Sonam Nair, has written the script herself and narrated it to Karan. After hearing the script, Karan green signaled it and with that we will see Dharma Productions producing a sex comedy. The genre is presently red-hot in India and being appreciated a lot by all. So is it the keenness to tap that area that led K’Jo to agree to produce it? We are still wondering.

Sex Comedies like Grand Masti, have been amassing great interest and also in terms of Box Office Numbers, they have done quite well. So the commercial heads might have worked out the whole idea. But to imagine a Sex Comedy coming from the house of Dharma Productions comes as a surprise. But at the end of the day Sex sells! What would be interesting to see is how the script will shape up and how much will be too much with this Sex Comedy.

The cast and other details are not known yet but it is likely there will be new faces!

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