Dhanush gets a call from PM!

Tamil Actor Dhanush, who became a most popular star with the song "Why This Kolaveri Di" in all over the world, is now got a call from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.He sang this song for his upcoming film "3". This song also became a most watched video on You Tube and also got an award from You Tube.

He also sang this song in front of most of the leading celebrities from Bollywood at an awards ceremony in Mumbai recently.Well known business man Ratan Tata also met the actor personally and spoke about his song.

Now the song even reached the Prime Minster of India, Manmohan Singh. PM invited the actor for the state dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda in New Delhi. The reason for inviting the star is his uncle south Indian super star Rajinikanth is famous in Japan also with his movies, so Dhanush got the call now for that reason it seems.

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