Dhanush failed to carry Rajinikanth’s craze!

In Indian cinema there are many styles which our on screen heroes follow. One among those styles is “Super Star” Rajinikanths’s way of handling and smoking cigar which. This style gave a niche and it created tremendous fan base for him. Coming to Danush, he used a cigarette in his film “VIP” and this landed him in troubles.


Dhanush’s recent movie ‘VIP’ was a huge hit in Tamil. But, the poster of the movie became the bone of contention and controversy. In the posters of the movie we get to see Danush smoking a cigarette, which did not go down well with many people.

Buzz raised in the media that several agitations were taking place in Tamil Nadu on this aspect. There is also a demand to remove the old posters and ban the new posters. Social activists say that these kinds of posters give a wrong indication to the society which is not good for the people.

Contrary to this, the film unit says that there is nothing wrong in the posters. They also say that the posters are related to the character which Dhanush plays in the movie. Film makers strongly said that they won’t remove the posters. The activist went to the government for help. We need wait and see how this controversy gets solved.

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