Dhada Review

Rating: 1.50/5

Critic Rating: (1.50/5)

It is

A test of human dignity which even us low cadres (Telugu audiences) shouldn’t be put through.

The film starts with a beautiful chopper shot of the city and before the actors started talking or acted out whatever little they’ve understood of it, all was well. Hence, it was bearable for about a minute.

I’ve decided not to use the character names in this review. The film’s full of star kids, porn stars of all genders and comedians. Might as well use their real names and be fully honest about the ‘sense of disgust’ that is going to be the theme for this review.

So, Naga Chaitanya’s running through the city of LA chasing a bunch of crooks who’ve robbed a local super market. If only they knew a hero from a Telugu Commercial Cinema was there, on any other day they would’ve gotten away. He eventually gets them, attends his convocation, clicks pictures, cuts to a song, tries to dance, song’s over, tries to act…
There are two major gangsters in the film. Hero’s brother works for one of them (though it is a grand revelation made towards the end), there’s some girl trafficking going on, there’s Kajal Agarwal skating somewhere in between, things happen, lot of junior artists get killed before the main guy dies and everyone’s happy. The End.

The only decent part of it
The only decent part of the whole process is the cinematography. Conduct an IQ test for the entire cast and crew, the cinematographer (Gnanasekhar) will be the only one that’ll make it out with a decent score.

Imagine the Chaitanya family go through a lot of financial trouble and he’ll have to get a job to support his family. Then, if he were to attend an interview and they ask "What have you done for the past few years?" and you can bet all you want that the interviewer wouldn’t take his answer of "I was an actor" in the right spirit. The kid’s a treasure, he believes he can act. What’s the big deal if he can never do that? It’s the belief that counts.

And as far belief goes, the one who’s got it all sorted out is Kajal. She has a very strong stand on acting "It’s the porn that counts. Prove me wrong!".

For all of those who’ve already attended the screening and sat through it :
Keep your tickets safe. It will be a token of human achievement. Years later you’ll get to show it off like the survivor you are. We should get badges made ‘I was there, till the end’.

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