Desi Kattey Review

Rating: 0.5/5

Critic Rating: (0.5/5)

Desi Kattey Review: A total waste of time!

There are good films, there are not so good films, there are bad films and then there are films that can give you headaches. And Desi Kattey falls in that space of giving you headaches, that too miserable ones.

From shot one you are in Gunday space, then the film is utterly distressing. I am not sugarcoating anything and just stating facts. Desi Kattey is one film that will leave you seriously wondering what you are doing at the Theatre. It will question your very being seated in the movie hall. And don’t to forget, you are bound to leave the screen with a sickening headache.

Name it upon loose script, flawed plot, and a mix of bad acting, Desi Kattey seems bad at everything. No good dialogues, no gripping storyline. The film is all over the places and you will be tired and find it in vain, while putting it all of it together.

It is the story of Gyani and Pali, two kids who find life amidst the Gun-trade, and are pushed into the practice of manufacturing desi kattey, which literally translates to hand-made guns. And then what followed will just make you see how flawed can a storyline be.

Star Performances:

Suniel Shetty has made a name for himself, and is known for his acting skills. He has given us memorable roles and some remain close to our hearts. After a series of flops and bad movie choices, I am like really pondering over the fact that Suneil chose to do such a film. His name associated with this flick seems like an insult to the actor who was a Superstar of 90s. His personality is humungous and doesn’t seem to fit in a plot like this.

While you jot down a list of really good actors, you can’t miss Ashutosh Rana’s name. And sadly he too was a part of this film. In his role, though a brief one, he delivered a powerful and easy going performance. That is quite natural for him to do. But then again this type of flick doesn’t suit Ashutosh.

While Jay Bhanushali has already debuted with Hate Story 2, in which he didn’t have much to do. And now after seeing what he can do, we really wish he doesn’t take the podium to act. With overacting, this chap isn’t going to make it long in the tinselville. Jay as a host is what he does best, so my advice to him would be he should pursue that. Not every pretty face can act!

Akhil Kapur debuts with this flick and what the lad has done will make you crib. He is the nephew of veteran Vinod Khanna and was a student of New York Film Academy and Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. He has served as an Assistant Director on a couple of really good films. But then again, seems the chap just didn’t learn anything. Or maybe he learnt too much. If Jay’s acting was over the tone, Akhil was way ahead in terms of over-acting.

Tia Bajpai and Sasha Agha define over acting yet again. Tia is atleast somber as by now we have gotten used to her. But Sasha just comes right across your face screaming ‘over-actor’.


With such a loosely knit plot, no film could have worked well, even if it had Bollywood A-Listers. The film just falls apart everywhere. It this stretched for no reason. Imagine sitting through a two and a half hour film, with a disgusted face, hoping something good might come on screen. But nothing does!

In terms of direction Anand Kumar has redefined cliché in a bad way. Aaryan Saxena’s story need a lot of proofreading and he needed to use more of logic and justification.

Kailash Kher’s soulful music didn’t do much to save the film.

Watch or Not:

Not at all recommended! Desi Kattey is that film which comes and goes. And nobody bothers. The product that the makers have delivered is completely bland. I am still wondering what are really good actors like Suneil and Ashutosh doing in this particular film? If you are daring enough and believe, ‘Aaj Kuch Toofani Karte Hai’, then you may attempt watching this flick. Otherwise just move on!

Thumbs Up: Nothing

Thumbs Down: Everything, Bad acting, Overtly long,

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