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Puri Jagan, who pumped into
the Tollywood the stylish factor, has come out with "Desamuduru".
Though the title looks promising suggestive of big entertainment, it sucks, and
throws a sheet of disappointment preceding the Sankranthi season.


Bala (Allu Arjun) works as
program executive with a popular TV channel in Hyderabad. On his mission to expose the
gudumba making at Dhoolpet, Bala happens to kick Murugesh (Subba Raju), son of
a powerful local goon Ponnuswamy (Pradeep Rawat). Murugesh goes into coma. The
goons are after him. The MD of that particular TV channel sends Bala to Kulu
and Manali on a travelogue assignment – so that he could escape the danger from
the goons. Reaching the beautiful Himalayan resort, Bala falls in love with a
sanyasin Vaishali (Hansika Motwani) in an ashram. Giving a twist, some baddies
are after her. They are none other than the henchmen sent by the Dhoolpet
villain who wants to get her married to Murugesh (now in coma). How, the hero
fights out his rivals (who are also of the heroine) and wins the girl’s heart
forms the rest of the film.


Allu Arjun did very nice. He
looked stylish and there is much ease in his histrionics. However, there is a
feel among the audience that the hairdo that he sported looks odd and his
overall characterization turned out to be "over stylish". Hansika
Motwani true to her introduction performed on a mediocre line. She looked nice
the sanyasin getup rather than the regular characterization (in songs and other
scenes). Ali becomes a sort of savior to the movie thanks to his superb comedy.
Kovai Sarala becomes his counterpart in this department, but her
characterization and action sound unconvincing and gaudy.

Raghu Babu and Telengana
Sakuntala appear as Tamil-savvy characters in the movie.Pradeep Rawat and Jeeva
played the villains with Tamil backdrop in Dhoolpet area of Hyderabad. Projecting Tamil goons in Urdu
belt sounds ridiculous on the screen. Rambha appears in an item song with Allu
Arjun. The number is just ordinary.Subba Raju played the role of villain’s son.


The story of Puri Jagan (who
also penned the screenplay dialogues & did direction) is highly
unconvincing. The initial thread runs on the lines of Gudumbha Shankar (where
the hero does the same thing sending somebody into coma and leaving the area).
Screenplay too lacks seriousness. The entire first half is wasted by way of
hero going after the sanyasin and pestering her to love him. The second half
receives a jolt with a silly coincidence – the villains who are after the hero
are the ones who are also after the heroine, all the way away from Hyderabad – in the
extreme North. The Tamil tinge of the villains is not in good taste and gets
drop dead from the audience angle.Puri Jagan might have succeeded in projecting
Allu Arjun in a maximum stylish angle. There is very little to speak of any
specialty here. Going by the title, he tried to show everything in a very
‘muduru’ style. Songs are good and the locations are beautiful. Music by Chakri
is another saving grace after Ali’s comedy.Comedy is good and even superb in a
couple of scenes. However, there is some vulgarity too. Overall, this
department does not hold any extraordinary punch. Stunts are average and yet
they are taken in style which has little to bother about.Dialogues by Puri
Jagan himself are good in part, but the department has not worked out
much.Cinematography is excellent. Production values are very nice.


A big wave of disappointment.


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