Derboni to have Vijayaraghavan in three getups!

What Mollywood lacks in the limitless resources and extravagant production budgets of the other industries, it more than makes up for in creative and different film making and that has been all too apparent in recent years with the advent of ‘new generation’ cinema.


From offbeat choices to really niche subject matter, the artists are taking real risks to bring to the fans the richest entertainment possible and the next in line to keep this trend alive is Gopi Kuttikol’s film Derboni.

Derboni stars Vijayaraghavan, his son Devadevan and Keerthi Suresh in pivotal roles, and it is based on the caste and communal attacks and tensions in Kerala. Though it is a subject matter that has caught the spotlight quite a few times in the past, this will be a unique take on it, says Gopi.

Derboni, is a small village in Kasargod and since the protagonist lives there it has been chosen as the title of the film.

Vijayaraghavan will appear in multiple getups in this flick, once as an army man in his thirties, then in his sixties and then as old man in his nineties.

Devadevan plays an immigrant labourer from Orissa named Mansoor Ali who gets killed on the suspicion that he is a terrorist. Keerthi’s character elopes with him at some point in the story. Supposedly, there are many twists in the plot which will keep the fans entertained.

There is one Orissa song in the film too. The music, by the way, has been composed by Shahabaz Aman and the scripting of the film has been done by Binu Lal Unni.

The movie is expected to launch on June 25.

This one seems intriguing enough and worth the wait; looking forward to more such ‘out of the box’ projects from the talent in Malayalam cinema.

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