Deleted scenes from Gabbar Singh!

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh was released recently and the movie is rocking all over the world.The movie got the positive talk from the audience. The censor board members were deleted the few scenes and dialogues from this film.

Here is the deleted scenes from the film.

Blurred the visuals of Ashoka Emblem on the belt while using the belt for hitting the goons.
Deleted the word ‘kasai’.
Blurred the visuals of the police symbol, Ashoka emblem and Abdul Kalam’s photo and police officer’s photo in the song ‘Mandu kodithe Maharaj…’ in the police station.
Deleted the dialogue ‘Deenamma thalli kooda thedana’.
Deleted the dialogue ‘Aaku yendipovadam kanna chirigipovadam better’
Deleted the dialogue ‘Al Qaida’.
Blurred the close up cleavage exposure in song ‘Kevvu keka…’.
Deleted the visuals of girl removing cell from blouse and dialogue ‘Meeku choopisthe chaala’ & ‘incoming free’.
Deleted the dialogue ‘Orey neeayya’ uttered by Ali.
Deleted the dialogue ‘Geekaalegaani’.
Deleted the dialogue ‘Thagulukuntaara’.
Deleted the dialogue ‘Oodesthaadu’.
Deleted the dialogue ‘Nee thalli’ uttered by Ali.

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