Deepika’s Thangabali Turns Restaurant Name

Generally, it is quite common to name some titles of movies with the lyrics of hit songs. Interestingly, a restaurant is named after a famous dialogue from a blockbuster Hindi movie.

Thangabali restaurant
Thangabali restaurant

If one remembers the super hit movie Chennai Express, the lead actress Deepika Padukone’s fiancee named Thangabali entertained all with his gigantic personality. With hatred on marrying him, Deepika’s character always curses Thangabali in deep sleep. This scene has become quite hilarious in the flick. Now Deepika has shared a picture of a restaurant which is named as Thangabali. She stated that she never thought there would be a restaurant with that name but as a big fan of South Indian food, she often visits that restaurant.

Well, thanks to the movie and Deepika this Thangabali restaurant has been in the news for a couple of days. This South Indian Restaurant has become famous now.

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