Deepika’s RK Tattoo Goes Missing?

Deepika Padukone’s famous RK tattoo, which became the butt of joke several times on the couch of ‘Koffee With Karan’, has suddenly disappeared.


The actress’s new soft drink commercial shows her back minus the tattoo. Though we are not sure if it has been removed cleverly by Photoshop or camouflaged by make-up, the famous tattoo has mysteriously disappeared.

A report by a prominent media house says the ad is shot by director Anurag Kashyap, who claims that he did not see any tattoo as his eyes were only on the camera.

In the ad, Deepika is asking why people are looking at her neck. And now we know what they are actually trying to spot.

Anurag is doing his next movie with Ranbir Kapoor, on whose honour his former girlfriend Deepika had got herself inked.

Well, Ranveer Singh would be too happy reading this post. Atleast we feel so since the rumours of Ranveer and Deepika dating each other have been doing rounds for quite some time now.

Or won’t he feel good it? He’s dating her right? Or not?

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