Deepika’s Instagram photo set a stage for a new controversy

Deepika Padukone has become an international actress with the new release of XXX sequel. This actress has faced a new backlash from the netizens. Her reply to them is in discussions.

Deepika Padukone Instagram Pic
Deepika Padukone Instagram Pic

This skinny beauty has shared a hot picture of her dressed in white shorts in her Instagram. As others are feeling the heat with this photo some over enthusiasts have started slamming Deepika. They asked Deepika directly not to upload this kind of overexposed photos and degrade the culture of India. Immediately Deepika without answering them has replied in her own style which shut many mouths. She has posted another hot picture of her with the same short dress but in another pose. Now no one dared to say anything at all and just enjoying her hotness.

Not just her, the Dangal girl Fatima received backlash for her bikini picture in Ramadan time. Unlike Fatima, Deepika hit her haters in style. Her flick Padmavati is currently in full swing starring Ranvir Singh.

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