Deepika, Siddharth and her RK tattoo

Deepika Padukone and the new man in her life Siddharth Mallya are at it again – making joint appearances at hi-profile events that is. The latest was last night (August 15) at the India International Jewellery Week. Deepika was walking the ramp for Farah Khan Ali, and she walked in with Siddharth, who was also in the front row during the show, cheering for her.

When asked about Siddharth’s presence and the reason for his cheering for her, Deepika diplomatically answered: "There were many others in the audience cheering for me too, so why should I talk about just one person?"

Deepi looked stunning in a lehenga choli, which also showed off her RK tattoo that she got back in the days when she was seeing Ranbir Kapoor. And Siddharth was walking right behind her, so we’re sure he’s been getting a good view of it too.

So what’s Deepika going to do about this reminder of her past? Could it be that it doesn’t bother her or Siddharth? More power to them, if that’s the case. If not, a little laser work might be on the cards to get rid of the tattoo permanently.

And when Deepika does get ready to talk about Siddharth, we’re hoping she won’t come up with the good old (and boring) ‘We’re just good friends’ spiel. Their body language tells a whole other story, just check it out in these pics.

But Deepika’s not ready to spill yet. In fact, she says she’s single and adds that she has no plans to get hitched anytime soon.

"I’m single and I really don’t know when I will get married. You don’t plan these things. They just happen to you. As it is, I’ve been in the industry since just two years. I’m quite new, I want to concentrate on my work first," she said.

So she agrees that these things aren’t planned. And we just might have a different answer from Deepi soon.

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