Deepika Padukone wedding ceremony started with a puja in Benguluru

Bollywood power couple, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh who have been dating for 6 years, finally decided to take the next step and are all set to get married. The wedding dates are reportedly November 14-15.

Deepika and Ranveer Wedding
Deepika and Ranveer Wedding

The wedding takes place for two dates as they will get married with South Indian rituals as well as Anand Karaj which is the name of an auspicious ceremony in Ranveer Singh’s caste. The ceremonies began today. On this note, the bride Deepika Padukone attended a pooja in Bangalore. The pictures are now going viral on the internet. She is looking gorgeous in her orange salwar kameez. With her minimal makeup and beautiful accessories, Deepika looked beautiful.

Reports suggest that 4 members from Bollywood will go to Lake Como in Italy for the wedding. The names of them are yet to be announced. The wedding is going to be a close-knitted affair attended by families and close friends only.

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