Deepika Padukone has a different version on Shwetha’s issue

Bollywood beauty Deepika Padukone has a different version on Swetha Basu Prasad’s issue. She stated that there is nothing wrong in prostitution if she and her family were left out with only one option. She stated that media should concentrate on supporting Shwetha rather than showing her scandal on screens.

Deepika Padukone Version on Swetha Basu Prasad

Even though the second statement good appreciation from audience, the first statement kept Deepika Padukone on controversial stand. Few actresses and film celebrities mentioned that prostitution is not just the only option to relay on, when one doesn’t have any other chances to survive. Kushboo even mentioned that Shwetha could have taken serials or shows to raise money.

Deepika Padukone proved that she has a good heart by supporting Swetha, but she kept herself on controversial arena with the first statement. Fortunately, Shwetha’s parents realized their mistake and pleaded court that they will take care of their daughter in good way. If few days, Shwetha may go back to her own home along with her parents.

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