Deepika Padukone angry with Kochadaiiyaan team!

Deepika Padukone’s entry in to the southern film industry and that too in a revolutionary Rajinikanth animated epic was the talk of tinsel town and the fandom at large.


The gorgeous young starlet was paid a fortune, close to Rs. 5 crores according to rumors, to be a part of Kochadaiiyaan and the actress also saw this as the golden opportunity to make her mark in the south. But did things really work out for her? The answer is probably… no. They really didn’t.

The movie apparently focused on Raijni too much and not just that, to add insult to injury, Deepika has become the butt of jokes due to her animated avatar in the flick!

The filming of the movie was a hard deal and Deepika really went the extra mile, reportedly, to get it as right as Soundarya’ direction required her to. It was after all, an animated film which used motion capture and photo realism, and in the end it all depended on the team behind the screens as far as how each actor looked and felt in the finished movie.

Unfortunately though, Deepika’s character came out… ahem, not as well as she expected and her digital image looked, shall we say ‘a bit off putting’ at times on screen.

What started off as plain criticizing of her character by the critics or just failing to mention her at all in reviews, soon turned in an online humor trend about the role and Deepika’s animated self being shared and used in jokes!

Well, this seems to have upset the actress enough and now that her hopes of the movie launching her reputation in the south are coming crashing down on her, the Bengaluru beauty has chosen to distance herself from the movie to salvage what’s left of the situation.

Not only has she not tweeted or commented anything regarding the movie’s success in the social media, her absence in the promotional campaign of the movie has been noted by many. Right now, it is the movie’s director Soundarya Ashwin who is single handedly handling the promotion of her dream project.

One can hardly blame Deepika though – no one likes to be laughed at by millions for something that’s not entirely your fault…

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