Deepika Padukone in 2013 – The success meter!

Deepika Padukone Hot

Success has found a new name – Deepika Padukone . She is the only actor in Bollywood, who could shower the box-office with 500 plus crores in a single year. Impressing the audience nation-wide and abroad continuously throughout the year,  Deepika  has achieved a unique status.

The party began last year with Cocktail, when Deepika was appreciated for her acting too, apart from glamour. In fact, she was the ‘hero’ of cocktail.  Deepika never looked back from then.  In 2013, her be-intehaan success began with Race-2.

Deepika Padukone in Race 2

After few months, she appeared as Naina Talwar in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. She was paired with Ranbir Kapoor; their chemistry worked and how.  Naina is a nerd, immersed in her books. Her life changes from boring to beautiful, after meeting Bunny.

Deepika Padukone in YJHD

The new Naina is now full of life, but very soon her heart is broken. She remains strong and practical. All these transitions were exhibited very effectively by this long legged lady.

In August, she arrived in Chennai express with SRK, sharing a wonderful chemistry again. She played the Madrasi  Meenamma with oozing confidence,  dominating even the King Khan in few scenes.  Meenamma is thoroughly entertaining, with her enjoyable accent and gutsy acts. Be it uttering funny lines like “Kahaan se khareedi aisi Bokwaas dictionary?”, or dancing to the melody becoming the gorgeous 5’7’’ Titli, she was amazingly amusing.

Deepika Padukone in Chennai Express

She signed off 2013 with a bang through Ram Leela.  The Juliet came alive as Leela and set the screen on fire. Leela is a daring damsel, but with a tender heart deep inside. The oomph factor of Deepika kept the men drooling, and the sizzling chemistry with Ranveer raised the temperatures.  Leela has immense faith that her Ram will be back, and is totally devoted to her. If there were mobile phones in the Ramayan era, Seetha Maa locked in Lanka would exactly resemble Leela waiting for Ramji’s SMS with those moist eyes and never-ending hope.  In the movie, the situations turn her into a clan-leader, where is at loggerheads with Ram. The juxtaposition of love-with- a-rival and rivalry-with-love couldn’t have been justified better. Versatility personified!

Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela

Along with beauty and talent, if intelligence is added, it’s an unbeatable mix. Intelligence in acting is being in sync with the film-makers creativity and style.  She understands that a Rohit Shetty movie requires her to be in a certain way. She surrendered to Bhansali’s style by wearing 30kg lehenga and dance to garbha. In a Karan Johar production she knows that a nerd can wear skimpy outfits. Beautiful, talented and brains- that’s Deepika for you.

2013 undoubtedly belongs to this Performance ki pichkari! – One and only Deepika Padukone.



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