After Deepika, it is now the turn of Anushka!

After Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone fired on the media regarding the picture issue, several actresses took charge on the whole media. Debate raised in the social media sites on the topic, “Who is the most haunted heroine after Deepika Padukone?”


Responding to this, majority of the people mentioned Anushka Shetty’s name. This South Indian belle is being haunted by majority of the media segments on the aspect of marriage. From the past few years, Anushka’s marriage has been the hot topic in the media. Even though, she is not giving any signs of her marriage in the near future, several media segments published featured articles relating Anushka with some hero.

Now, the same topic raised in the media again. Anushka is expected to get married soon, is the context of this buzz. Looks like, Anushka too will fire on media some day due to these comments from few segments of media.

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