Deepika and Siddharth spotted together again

Deepika Padukone might not be talking about her relationship with Siddharth Mallya, but she sure is letting her actions speak louder than words. Just last week, Deepika and Siddharth attended Salman Khan’s party for his sister Arpita. And yesterday (August 10), the two came in together at another high-profile event. It was Aamir Khan’s special screening of ‘Peepli Live’, and Deepi was there with the man of the moment.

And it’s a man who looks very different from how he did a few months ago. Siddharth has lost serious amounts of weight, and now looks super toned and sculpted. It must be sporty Deepika’s influence.

It seems rather obvious that they are dating, but from their body language it sure looks like they want to keep it quiet. Not really possible when you’re attending starry parties and screening together, is it? We’ll wait for Deepika to get talking about the new guy in her life.

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