Deepa spoke about Siddharth – Samantha break up

Deepa Sannidhi About Siddarth  Samantha Break Up

Deepa Sannidhi, who came into limelight in Siddharth – Samantha issue, mentioned that she is no way related to the personal aspects that are happening in the lives of those actors. She mentioned that she is working with Siddharth and she doesn’t have any personal relation with him.

Few media segments mentioned that Siddharth and Samantha went on for a break up and the actress Deepa is the reason for it. Clearing these rumors, Deepa mentioned that she is no way related to this topic. She further mentioned that she doesn’t know anything about the personal life of Siddharth.

Deepa further clarified that Siddharth is a professional actor and she too works professionally with him for an upcoming venture. Above this, she mentioned that there is nothing between them.

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