Deeksha Panth Shocking Allegations On Bigg Boss

Deeksha Panth is not known to many people until she participated in the Bigg Boss TV show. The actress and model eliminated from the TV show recently and she has accused the Bigg Boss Team of showing mostly the footage of her eating, sleeping & crying. She is upset with this entire thing, and she is accusing that the team did it deliberately.

Deeksha Panth - Bigg Boss
Deeksha Panth – Bigg Boss

She was the first Wild Card entry of Bigg Boss Season 1. She said that she has bad experiences with Dhanraj who was also a part of the TV show. Both of them worked in the past. She also said that her terms are not well with Archana, Hari Teja and others including Mahesh Kathi.

Deeksha Panth is now hoping for so many good opportunities.

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