David and Posh argue on live TV

They are one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples, but David and Victoria Beckham had a argument in front of a studio audience at the " Ellen DeGeneres Show".

The football heartthrob was a guest on the talk show and he sparked an argument with his wife, former Spice Girl, by telling the host that she is less tidy than him, reported a website.

David told Ellen DeGeneres that he is "very tidy and she’s not" which he said "drives her crazy." And Victoria who was among the audience responded by saying, "He always says that he is tidy, but you’re not actually that tidy are you David."

David later said, "We’re going to have our first argument in eleven years!" which invited laughter from the audience. The couple have been married for the past 11 years and have three sons together.(PTI)

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