Dasari wants Siddharth to apologize

We all know that actor Siddharth was made abusive comments on news channels, he tweeted that "3rd grade ‘N’ews channels will sell their families to make up an hour of TV. Clarifying their garbage & lies is not worth our time. Ignore!". Following his comments, Film Newscasters Association of Electronic Media (FNAEM) was also lodged a complaint against Siddharth with the Movie Artiste Association (MAA) and Andhra Pradesh Producers Council, but no action has been taken so far on actor.

MAA president Murali Mohan backs on actor and said that "Siddharth’s comment is not against the Telugu media specifically".

P Raghu, president FNAEM, who is anger with the response from the Producers’ Council, has approached Dasari Narayana Rao. Dasari immediately called the MAA president Murali Mohan and asked him to talk to Siddarth and apologize for what he has commented on the media.

We have to wait for the Siddharth’s response on this matter; meanwhile, the FNAEM is planning to approach the Human Rights Commission with regard to Siddharth’s comments!!

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