Daruvu Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)


Yama (Kaikala Satyanarayana) and his Chitragupta (MS Narayana) plan their retirement holiday in heaven once they’ve passed on the responsibility to the younger Yama (Prabhu). But, daddy has a word of advice before he leaves and warns his son of the most dangerous people on the planet, the Telugus. Alarmed by the famous stories, the younger Yama asks for the Chitragupta to stay back, which flops the latter’s holiday plans. Angry with the new Yama, the Chitragupta decides to bring in a new, notorious Telugu and in comes Bullet Raja who basically makes a living the Telugu hero way (they are usually capable of trashing hundreds, income in some way is generated with this ability).

Bullet Raja prides himself on being a vagabond of sorts (the result of repeated and dull improvisations to the angry young man thing). He falls in love with Swetha (Tapsee) at first sight with the usual set close ups (lips, eyes, earrings etc, they let go of the naval shot in this scene, commendable). Swetha is already engaged to a goon who is a goon for the only reason that he has the usual set of baddies (big men who get beaten up by the out of shape heroes) around him. Bullet Raja dies
after a ‘cars and goons in excess’ action sequence and after the traditional set of Yamalokam scenes gets to go into his lookalike’s body, a corrupt minister.

Lazy and loud

To us a film where the hero plays anything but what is referred to as his style (established over a few box office hits) is rare and here is a script that is lazy enough to bank wholly on what is popularly known as Ravi Teja’s energy.

Adding to the bad writing is the loud and senseless score coupled with a harassing edit and lengths of rookie green screen visuals (literally hurts the eyes).


Beyond a point the whole fun and playful Ravi Teja persona is hard to bear, when the persona itself is asked to entertain with nothing proper written, the constant shouting, screaming and jumping around is the same reason you’ll hate him for.


This is the film you should take your worst enemy to.


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